Baku From a Fan’s View.

Baku is a street race so it is understandable people would like to compare this circuit with Monaco. But Baku is not Monaco and will never be. Baku is more like Valencia, including the fact that both circuits hosted the Formula One European Grand Prix. And it was really frustrating to watch pretty dull Valencia-like race after such a colorful qualification the day before. I wasn’t expecting the mayhem like that in GP2 but at least some fighting, maybe couple drivers’ errors here and there, pressing, something exciting… but no, only unfair (in my humble opinion) DRS overtakes.
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Anything remarkable? Sergio Perez’s qualifying and the race, Nico Rosberg’s brilliant ‘Grand Slam’, sub 2 seconds pit-stop by Williams and radio Hamilton.

Perez put his heart and soul into this race. Without his mistake in FP3 Checo would have started from the front row and who knows what would have happened in the 1st corner.
There is always a list of who could be a new Ferrari driver, and Sergio Perez might be on the top of this list. His two fantastic podiums in Monaco and Baku this year put him ahead of Romain Grosjean, Valtteri Bottas, Stoffel Vandoorne and other hundred or so possible candidates to replace Kimi Raikkonen. By the way, it was Raikkonen with whom Checo fought for the podium in Baku. And yes, Kimi got a penalty and Perez knew about it, but anyway Checo successfully passed Kimi on track and it was really more satisfying [as Perez said himself after the race].

To tell the truth Iceman has had only 1 good year in Ferrari and it was back in 2007. It seems that afterwards Kimi lost his passion, his ‘hunger’ for the game. The Finn was great after his comeback with Lotus and he earned another contract with the ‘red team’, but he is a good team player now, good number 2 driver, not the man who fights in every single race on every single lap. And maybe the team is happy and doesn’t want to replace him as everybody thinks. When Kimi is great everybody knows he’s great, but now Kimi is just good. Let’s hope Ferrari could give him an engine to fight in Spa. (And of course, it’s so easy to judge from the outside.)

NB: Raikkonen spent 3 years with Ferrari in 2007-2009, and now it’s the 3rd year of his second term with the Italian team.


I thought radioban was introduced so the driver could cope with the car all by himself and in this case it was strange to hear all the complaints. After the race Toto Wollf admitted there were similar problems with both cars. Unfortunately we don’t know the content of Rosberg-Mercedes pitwall dialogues, but we all have heard “radio Hamilton”. Funny thing the drivers wanted to be more independent and now some of them think it’s dangerous. Come on, “Let’s just get our head down and focus on the job”. Sometimes it seems the Brit doesn’t like to race if he’s not fighting for the top-3.

That’s it. Oh, wait. Nico Rosberg completed the 2nd ‘Grand Slam’ in his career (the previous one came just 4 races before in Russia, Nico loves former Soviet Republics). And it seems no one cares because Mercedes is such a dominant force today that it goes without saying that their driver should be the fastest man on track, should win poles and races and lead every single lap.


Baku From a Fan’s View.